The ARCHES enjoys 100% concealed linear LED arrays mounted on both sides of the upper extrusion interior. With quick disconnect wiring, installation and maintenance has never been easier. The luminaires are offered in 3 fixed CCTs (3000K, 3500K, 4000K) and tunable white (2700K-6000K). The uplight component is controlled separately by a linear LED array facing upwards to maximize efficacy. Standard 0-10V drivers are included and tunable white separate controls are available and compatible with any standard DMX or any PWM type control system in the market place.

ARCHES’ Floating-Optic® design marries a high (98%) reflectivity surface to carefully angled series of bends. The design is then complemented with a perfectly slanted LED array support to deliver a wide batwing distribution while hiding the source completely. The entire open cavity aperture is 2.3” wide creating a floating experience to a narrow profile that hides in the architecture of the space.