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Metalumen Luminaires Illuminated by BIOS SkyBlue®

Metalumen indoor lighting with BIOS® technology offers healthy lighting solutions that bring the benefits of sunlight indoors.

Circadian rhythm is the internal clock that tells our body when to sleep and when to wake, taking cues from the sun. When this natural cycle is disrupted by exposure to artificial indoor lighting, the body experiences uneven sleeping patterns which leads to increased risk for serious health conditions including heart disease, obesity, depression and ADHD in children.

To remediate this, BIOS® developed SkyBlue®. BIOS SkyBlue® provides the right “blue sky” spectrum of light via a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye that stimulates our biology, thus regulating sleep patterns, boosting energy and improving overall health.

Experience the benefits of BIOS SkyBlue® in these Metalumen products:

Rail 2 RM2D
Rail 2 RM2DU
Rail 4 RM4D
Rail 4 RM4DI


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