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Lighting is a true passion for Metalumen. Family owned and operated, Metalumen has been designing, engineering and manufacturing lighting solutions since it’s inception in 1977. We pride ourselves on understanding the art and science or ‘craftsmanship’ of luminaire design and carefully consider the architectural environment to ensure we develop the right lighting solution. Design is the architectural interface of the luminaire; we craft our products to reflect classic design, as well as innovative trends. We marry function with design, capturing the desire of the specifier or architect while understanding the needs of the end user. Our fixtures make a statement within your space.

Metalumen & the Environment

Sustainability, through the integration of environmental, social, and economic practices and processes, is a core value of Metalumen, included in all strategic planning and initiatives. Metalumen understands that our success is directly linked to corporate responsibility and sustainability. As such, Metalumen is committed to a philosophy of continuous process improvement, intended to optimize the sustainability of our operations.

Metalumen achieves energy conservation through investments made in real time energy monitoring of each pieces of equipment, to track and reduce energy waste. Metalumen has reduced natural gas consumption by 30% and electrical usage by 15%; with an extensive recycling program to divert scrap metal, wood, cardboard, paper and lamps, thereby reducing our waste to landfill by 50%.

Locally based, sustainable manufacturing minimizes environmental impacts at fabrication. The implementation of a state of the art painting line, will not only increase quality and decrease lead time, but also reduce energy usage along with decreasing wastewater. With total water usage reduced by 80%, these additional efforts will further decrease Metalumen’s environmental footprint.

Metalumen utilizes a multi-faceted approach, advocating sustainability at the manufacturing level, in addition to driving sustainability at the consumer level; considering that lighting consumes 25 to 40% of all commercial energy and accounts for a staggering 19% of all electricity use globally. Therefore, Metalumen fixtures are a minimum of 85% efficient, contain at least 65% post-industrial recycled material and are packaged with predominately recyclable material. These sustainably focused efforts, result in Metalumen’s packaged products being up to 97% system recyclable.

All in all, Metalumen has learned that going Green is an intricate process. It takes dedication and research to realize how much unnecessary waste can be avoided by changing perceptions and practises. The process of increasing sustainability may appear easy, but in reality, requires a complex analysis of both the human and mechanical elements involved. While working towards sustainability does require a significant amount of effort, it pays dividends in the end. Economically, Metalumen has increased job opportunities, lowered utility costs, decreased waste costs, and increased return on commodities. Ultimately, developing successful strategies to go green and lessen Metalumen’s carbon footprint on the planet.

Working at Metalumen

Bringing ideas to light is not only our tagline but part of our Company mission. We work together as a dedicated team, solutions-focused and devoted to achieving the needs of our customers. Together, we solve electrifying challenges for our customers; so they have the power to maximize the engagement, health, and productivity of their customers. At Metalumen we always strive to be the best we can be, as we are confident that our employees can make the impossible possible.

Once you step through the front doors of Metalumen you will quickly become part of our family, a close-knit community, that is built on a culture of teamwork, continuous improvement, and innovation. While walking around, you will see and hear the minds of Metalumen at work, as we connect with our customers both internal and external to ensure we accomplish their requirements.

If you’re in it for the perks, you’re in luck! Metalumen offers a wide variety of them, from work-life balance, to social events, and community involvement initiatives.

We are always looking to build our team; our employees are our greatest asset! Please see our list of current opportunities, and if you don’t see one that matches your skill set we would still love to hear from you at