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By Segment


Delivering outstanding efficacy and an even distribution of light, Sol is the perfect way to add ambient lighting and interest to any ceiling. Interesting on its own, scattered across the ceiling or grouped in clusters at various depths, Sol is ideal for office lounge areas, public spaces or lobbies.

Adjustable on site, allowing for flush lens, 2” drop (or 1”), 4” drop (or 3”) or 6″ drop (or 5″), Sol is versatile and easy to install.
No visible light source or hotspots and available with options for Tunable White or 90 CRI.



• Delivers up to 113 LPW • Available with Tunable White • Lenses are adjustable on site. A2 lens adjusts to 1 or 2 inches. A4 lens adjusts to 3 or 4 inches.